French guests in Nürtingen (English version)

Veröffentlicht in Allgemein von Tobias Stoll

At the passed weekend the swimming department was pleased to welcome some visitors of the french swim club „Cascol Natation“ from Nürtingen’s sister city Oullins. After the greeting on friday afternoon in front of Nürtingen’s city hall, the guests went to their temporary accomodations at their hosts homes.

On friday evening some of the active french were supporting us at Nürtingen’s City Run for charity purposes. Therefore we would like to thank you one more time. Sadly the wheather was a little bit more wet than expected, but in fact we’re swimmers, we shouldn’t have a problem with some water! As a compensation, the city of Nürtingen invited our guests to a dinner at the restaurant of the local club house.

On saturday morning our guests could join a city tour through Nürtingen, held in french by Mrs. Leopold. After that, the guests were joining the swimming competition „Bärencup“ in Bernhausen together with some local sportsmen. Our guests could clean up some five gold medals, congratulation! In the early evening we met up with our guests in the open air bath in Nürtingen to have some fun by playing games and engrossing the chute. In the evening and night the guests could explore the nightlife of Nürtingen together with their hosts at Nürtingen’s Music Night, before they left back home on sunday morning.

Thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to the next meeting with you!

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